The Secrets To Fixing Your Green Pool Water Once And For All!

Published: 04th September 2008
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Have you ever woken up on a hot summer morning, thinking about jumping into your swimming pool, but when you got there you realized that your usually crystal clear water had turned green, transforming your beautiful pool oasis into a swamp?

Well, if you've ever had that problem, you're not the only one. Or maybe you're just considering building a pool in your back yard?

Either way, you should know how to prevent it and, if needed, eliminate the problem.

First of all, let me tell you how the problem occurs.

Amazingly, green pool water can appear overnight - it all depends on weather conditions.

Conditions like out of balance water, warm temperatures, sunlight and presence of nitrates and/or carbon dioxide will induce algae bloom (the green color you see is actually algae bloom) and practically overnight you'll end up with green pool water.

Algae are microscopic plants, living aquatic creatures that multiply rapidly on warm, sunny days.

The reason they grow rapidly on sunny days is because they contain chlorophyll, which utilizes photosynthesis.

Algae spores constantly enter the pool; they are brought in by wind, rain, dust, storms, even by swimsuits and other equipment.

There are over 21 000 varieties of algae. Green ones, inducing green pool water, are common variety that usually gives pool owners headaches.

Algae can be found free floating on the water, or clinging to the walls and covering floor. On very rare occasions, after a long period of very warm and sunny days, it's possible to see sea surface covered with what looks like green and brown debris of foam.

That foam is blooming algae. Sea obviously doesn't need filters or algaecide to get rid of this, it has its own ways of dealing with the problem; tides and wind usually clear the water up. Your pool will, however, need your help.

Green pool water definitely doesn't encourage you to jump right into the pool, not only because it looks so awful, but because it clouds the water which makes rescue attempts more difficult, reducing depth perception of a diver. Algae itself is not harmful for the swimmers, but it's been a case that pools with algae also contained pathogens like E.Coli bacteria.

Unfortunately, green pool water doesn't go away as easily as it turns up, and there's no magical way of getting rid of it.

It would be best if the problem never occurred in the first place, which is why you have to make sure pool filters and chlorine are doing their jobs.

Of course, this doesn't mean that you'll never experience a "green pool water problem", because most pool owners encounter that problem sooner or later.

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